How does language interact with gestures and our body? How can communication and interaction  be described and understood by looking at the interplay of language, gestures, and bodily movements?

In current projects I investigate how gestures are used in human-machine interaction, investigate negation from a cross-linguistic perspective, and support a project on sustainability.

More informationen on my research projects can be found here.

I regularly present my research at national and international conferences.

More information about my talks can be found here.

To make research tangible to the public is one of my scientific work. A nice example is the special exhibition “gestures-past, present, future” in which I was not only involved conceptually but also rather practical through guided tours and workshops.

More informationen on the special exhibition can be found here.

To make research public, I also organize different events, in which my colleagues and I make our scientific work accessible.

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I am also a very active member of the scientific community. I organize thematic panels at conferences, I a member of the editorial board of journals, write reviews for publishers and journals, and support organizers of conferences as a member of the scientific committee. I am also a member in several scientific organizations and at the moment the Public Relations manager of the International Society of Gesture Studies.

More informationen on my scientific activities can be found here.