Research projects

Intentionality and Joint Attention in Multimodal Interaction (2020-2023)

research project together with Prof. Dr. Ellen Fricke as part of the DFG-proposal for the Collaborative Research Center “Hybrid Societies: Humans Interacting with Embodied Digital Technologies” (CRC 1410)

More information on the  Collaborative Research Center at

Gesture Studies meets DaZ – On the potential of gestural practices in teaching languages (ongoing)

Interdisciplinary study on multimodal practices in second language learning, together with Silva Ladewig (European-University Viadrina) (since 2017)

Verbal-gestural negation: A cross-linguistic perspective (ongoing)

Cross-linguistic comparison of verbo-gestural negation in Savosavo and German, together with Claudia Wegener (University Cologne) (since 2015)

Hands and Objects in Language, Culture, and Technology: Manual Actions at Workplaces between Robotics, Gesture, and Product Design (MANUACT) (2016 – 2018, BMBF)

project coordinator, Research project on the relation between cognition, object use and culture  read more

Recurrent gestures in Savosavo (2013-2014, VW Stiftung)

project leader, project on recurrent gestures in Savosavo, a non-austronesian (Papua) language together Claudia Wegener (Universität zu Köln) read more