Gesten – Kopfschütteln heißt nicht überall Nein

May 2022, Deutschlandradio

Pottery with a 3D printer: Exhibition about gestures

September 2019, HR2

On the screen, you see the model of a clay jug, that is continually adjusting to the hand movements. A little bit to the outside and the jug is wider, a little bit to the inside and he is more narrow. If you the desired shape is achieved, you can send the design to a 3D printer. “Gestures: past, present, future” is the name of an exhibition at the museum of communication in Frankfurt (Main) in which this pottery is possible and which gives insights into the world of gestures since Wednesday read more about and listen to it (in German)

How we steer machines by gestures Wie wir mit Gesten Maschinen steuern

August 2019, MDR

With a thumbs up we signal agreement, the thumb turned downwards is a refusal, death in the antique gladiator circus. Gestures accompany us, but they are not a language like the sign languages of the deaf. Sciences explores how gestures may be steer machines in future factories. read German press release, listen to audio feature (in German) 

Exhibition: How machines learn human gestures

April 2019, SWR2

Thumbs up or middle finger: When speaking, people support their language with gestures. This type of communication is also interesting for researchers, who work on the communication between humans and machines. This is the topic of the exhibition “Gestures – past, present, future” in the Museum for Communication Berlin. listen to audio feature (in German)

Deescalation through communication

10. Oktober 2018, Police Bavaria

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Always stay positive! How to master your body in job interviews

January 2018, Zukunft

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Attention: Gestures

27. December 2017, Uni Aktuell TU Chemnitz

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Gesture Studies: Talking with the hands

06. March 2015, Freie Presse Chemnitz

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Gesture studies on 2.220 pages

20. January 2015, Uni Aktuell TU Chemnitz

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Hand movements from a linguistic perspective

07. August 2014, Uni Aktuell TU Chemnitz

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From Minions in machine construction to gestures in the German department

17. May 2014, Uni Aktuell TU Chemnitz

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Gesture: When hands talk

23. April 2012 Deutsch Perfekt

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Grammar of gesture

31. August 2011,

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